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Dublin City University has been successfully offering English and Cultural programmes since 1989, providing a unique opportunity for cultural and academic immersion in one of Ireland’s leading universities.


Duration: Enrol for 1 or more weeks
Starts: on any Monday throughout the Year (except bank holidays)
Class times: 8.50am to 12.50pm or 13.30pm to 17.30pm
Programme: tailored to suit requirements
Accommodation: Apartments, Host-families and Hotels
Join on any Monday
(except bank holidays)
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Educational Tours Ireland

Full Day Excursions by private bus

Educational Tours Ireland

Access to University Facilities

Educational Tours Ireland

Extra classes and exciting social programme

Educational Tours Ireland

Course certificate

What will this course offer you?

  • A tailor made programme to suit the specific needs and academic interest of your students
  • Opportunities to practise language in a supportive, encouraging environment
  • Engaging topics and educational materials
  • Educational field trips and Cultural excursions

Who should attend this programme?

This course is recommended for students who:
  • want to use English more naturally and confidently in various social and professional situations
  • are keen to immerse themselves fully in Irish culture


Find out more in our FAQs, click here.

Where is Ireland and Dublin Located?

Ireland is an island nation, located beside the United Kingdom in north-west Europe. Ireland has a population of 4.7 million people, of which 1.3 million live in the region of Dublin, the capital city.

How Can I Book a Course?

To apply for a course, please complete our online application form here .Once received, our Registration Officer will contact you to confirm your programme and arrange payment.

What types of accommodation can you arrange for me?

We have different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences. Please have a look at the accommodation section on our website for an overview.


Flexible Accommodation Options including staying with an Irish family.