International education agents visit DCU’s vibrant junior summer school

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming agents from Russia, Turkey, China and many other countries who were in Dublin as part of the MEI familiarisation tour.


The agents met Mrs. Niamh O’Mahony, Business Development Director of DCU Language Services and Mr. Cian Gavin, Marketing Executive. They enjoyed a tour of the University and had an opportunity to view the modern classrooms, sporting facilities, restaurants and campus apartments.


With over 25 years of experience providing English language courses, the agents were impressed by the scope and scale of activities offered by DCU LS.


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DCU is now an Official IELTS Test Centre

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures English language proficiency. It is internationally respected and accepted for migration, study, work, and training purposes. IELTS is internationally recognised and trusted because of its high quality standards, security, and consistency.


Dublin City University Language Services (DCULS) IELTS Test Centre now holds regular IELTS test dates for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The test centre is located on the DCU Glasnevin campus.


The test takes place at over 1,200 locations around the world, and we are proud to have gained IELTS Test Centre status and to be able to provide testing at DCU’s innovative and modern campus, a convenient test centre location for both DCU students and test takers off campus.


We also have all our information available on our new website:

Interview with Myra Hanani

We invited our former student Myra Hanani, from Malaysia, to share more about her experience studying English at Dublin City University in Ireland. DCU Language Services offers a modern language school on an internationally renowned university campus.

Myra had the opportunity to be immersed in English, make new friends and visit amazing places.

Get to know more about her journey on reaching 8.5 IELTS score:

What was your reason to start learning English?

Languages, English in particular, had always been my interest. I must say that nobody had forced me to learn the language, it was me, myself. As a kid, I would always buy educational books in English just to pass the time.


How did DCU help you to reach your goal of learning / improving English?

The methods being used in DCULS helped me in reaching my goals. From just a B2 level at the very beginning of my journey to a C2 level in just 6 months is something I always wanted to achieve.


What would you say about DCU facilities such as the library, restaurant, bar, mini-market, pharmacy, theatre, bank and green area?

I like the fact that the facilities are within the immediate vicinity of the school, it operates as a small village.


What would you say about the quality of DCU teaching?

The quality of DCU teaching is superb as the teachers there would try their very best to make the lesson engaging.


Did the fact that DCU is a university appeal to you?

My family and I knew that DCULS would be a good language school as it is based on the campus of a well-known university.


What social activities did you take part in? Did you like them?

I used to attend the weekly conversation class held by Alan (teacher) and the day long weekend trips. I would always try my very best to attend as many social activities as I could. I went to explore Galway and Cork with my classmates. I ought to say that I cannot remember a moment when I had disliked the activities being organized.


In what ways did the activities help you learn English?

Through the weekly conversation class, I was able to improve my English language proficiency. This class also allowed me to mingle around with people from around the globe and make new friends. I must say that at the end of my journey, my knowledge of world languages and their culture had vastly improved.


What have you taken from your ‘DCU experience’? How will you use it in your future?

Back then, I would always analyze the way how my teachers taught me in class. This is because I knew that I can apply it later on throughout my diploma in becoming a teacher.


What are your plans for the future?

I hope to be teaching in DCULS in the near future as I am currently studying for my diploma in TESL.


Thank you Myra for sharing your experience and for being an exceptional student.

Do you want to learn English and achieve your goals like Myra did? Check out our English courses here.


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DCU welcomes business students from Taiwan

Last week, Deputy Representative Mr. James Buu from the Taipei Representative Office,
officially opened the DCU Language Services study abroad programme and extended the hand of friendship to business students from Taiwan.

Mr. Buu and the students also met Mr. Cathal Maye, Chief Executive Officer of DCU Language Services.

We are delighted to welcome these young graduates who will have the opportunity to hone their English language skills and enhance their knowledge of Irish business practices during their stay.

Dublin City University – English School has over 25 years of experience providing English language courses in Ireland. Get in touch and discover how you can experience another culture while you improve your English.


4 Reasons why you should study English abroad during the summer

What’s your plan for the next summer? Here you can find out four great reasons why you should take an English course abroad:

1. Accelerate your English learning progress

Studying English abroad gives you the opportunity to accelerate your learning and progress to the level you want to achieve. There is no better way to learn than to dive right in.

Discover how one of our students boosted her confidence and fluency after 2 weeks studying English at DCU Language Services.

2. Career Opportunities

Another important benefit of studying English abroad is that you can add this experience to your CV. Going overseas not only gives you a unique international experience, but will also make you more appealing to future employers. DCU is internationally recognised as a top young university, being both a QS Top 100 under 50 and THE Top 150 under 50. You will receive a DCULS certificate on completion of your course.

3. Discover different cultures and visit amazing places

Outside of class time, you can be immersed in English and have the chance to visit amazing places and discover different cultures. Studying abroad offers you an enriching experience to be in touch with different values, customs and traditions.

DCU Language Services has a dedicated and experienced team to ensure that you make the most of your time in Ireland. Check out our calendar of activities online

4. Flexibility – short term programmes

If you get homesick easily or even if you are a first-time traveller, summer programmes are the perfect way to see the world in a short amount of time. Have you always wanted to learn English abroad but are hesitant about being away for so long? We can help you find the perfect short term programme

Best spots around DCU campuses to study English

At Dublin City University you can find comfortable, well-equipped and collaborative learning spaces which will create an effective learning environment for you.

Don’t worry about finding a peaceful and quiet place to get some work done. Here are some tips on the best spots to study English around DCU.

DCU Libraries

The O’Reilly Library on the Glasnevin Campus provides a wide range of study spaces to suit all needs.There is space for quiet individual study, open spaces for collaborative work with classmates, and eighteen study rooms equipped with plasma screens and whiteboards for presentation preparation. There is a large chill-out area on the ground floor, which is the perfect place to take a break from study and catch up with some friends. The information desk is manned by helpful staff who will be happy to assist you in your search. If hunger sets in, the library café provides convenient hot or cold options you can grab on the go.

If you’re on the St Patrick’s Campus, the Cregan Library is your best bet as this location provides a great collection of materials for study. It has comfortable seating areas and individual study areas. Two group study rooms are also located here. The Cregan Library offers many services such as printing, laptop borrowing and PC access. If you have any questions, staff at the information desk on the ground floor will help you find a solution. The Library, which was built in 2015, has a modern design with bright colourful open spaces. Its large windows allow for maximum natural light. The Starbucks Café on the ground floor is a great spot to take a break and refuel for the rest of the day.


DCU also offers a range of cafés which are perfect for getting some work done while enjoying a hot tea or coffee. The DCU Business School Café is a hidden gem. This newly refurbished café is located on the 2nd floor of the Business School on the Glasnevin Campus. The Cafe has WiFi access and various sockets for charging phones or laptops. Another café that is off the beaten track and ideal for some study is the Invent Cafe located on the ground floor of the Invent Building on the Glasnevin Campus. This café offers WiFi and while you study you can rub shoulders with entrepreneurs and get a taste of what your future could hold by studying at DCU. Soup, sandwiches and delicious bagels are also available. If traditional barista style coffee is to your taste, The Helix Café is your place. It is located on the ground floor foyer, adjacent to the main entrance to the theater building.

DCU Student Union building – The ‘U’

The brand new ‘U’ student centre offers many different areas to work while you watch the world go by. Students are spoiled for choice between the theatre-style seating on the ground floor and the long tables on the second floor. Of particular note are the two autism-friendly “escape pods”. These pods provide a space for students to escape and take a minute to themselves.
Off Campus

Off campus, the National Botanic Gardens, which is free to enter, is a short walk from both the Glasnevin and St Patrick’s Campuses. While it may not boast facilities like free WiFi or sockets for charging, the beautiful surroundings allow students to de-stress while revising coursework. Another great green area located adjacent to the Glasnevin campus is the Albert College Park. It is a large public park filled with wildlife and walking trails.


Dublin City University – English School has over 25 years of experience providing English language courses in Ireland. Get in touch and discover how you can experience another culture while you improve your English.